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Who is Max? Who is Sofia? Both are born and grow on a wonderful island, Sardinia. Unbelievable! Same land, same birthplace ... but one ignored the existence of the other ... And while Sofia devotes herself to classical studies, Max, having music in his DNA, begins his artistic career very soon. Learn to play the drums at an early age but at sixteen he discovers an infinite and indescribable love for the guitar, an instrument from which he will never be separated. For him the guitar is like a woman capable of making you fall in love until it touches the deepest strings of your heart.

Driven by the need to dress music with emotions and poetry, Max begins to compose, write and arrange his pieces at the age of seventeen. It is difficult to enclose his songs in a single genre. In fact, from the very beginning, Max Marino's compositions embrace multiple genres: ranging from rock to metal, to then cross over into melosynthonic melodies. The musical genre that today characterizes the duo Max Marino & Sofia has been christened by experts "Pop-Rock-Metal-Melosinfonico" because, according to experts, it represents an absolute novelty in the music scene.

Years pass and, while Max moves to Trieste, Sofia travels all over Italy as a tour guide. Not even on that occasion did fate bring them together. This will happen a few years later in a natural and completely unexpected way.

In 2010 Max enrolled in a modern singing school. He performs in the theaters of his new city, Trieste. In 2012 he exceeds a national selection of singing and is welcomed in "Casa Mogol" attending two stages of interpretation, composition and modern singing at CET (Centro Europeo Toscolano) in the following years.

Sofia loves music, theater, cinema! She loves them intimately and silently. Observe the art world from the outside without being part of it until one day, it was March of 2014, by pure chance it goes on YouTube and listens to the song Come Via by Max Marino. This song was the beginning of everything. After listening to it and listening to it again and again, Sofia senses Max's innate and extraordinary compositional ability and would like to shout it out to the whole world, first of all to the person directly involved. He will be able to do it in May 2014, when Max and Sofia meet in Sardinia at random. An unexpected encounter that soon turns into a partnership that is not only artistic. The two in fact are married on March 22, 2015, just seven months after their meeting. Sofia still claims to have married the music of Max Marino first, then Max. Their artistic partnership will soon arrive. It will be the public that wants and decrees it.

Sofia, at first, follows Max behind the scenes. The latter, however, enrolls Sofia in a singing school, convinced of his singing skills.


In December 2015 they perform together at the Miela theater in Trieste. It is on that occasion that the duo Max Marino & Sofia come to life. The audience applauds them identifying them as a duo.

On December 17th 2016 Max and Sofia, having passed the selections of Sanremosenior, performed among the fifteen finalists at the Teatro dell'Opera del Casinò di Sanremo. Since the duo were not admitted, Max and Sofia perform as soloists, each presenting a piece composed and arranged by Max.

A few days later, they landed in Sardinia to present their CD 2 Come Noi, which contains nine tracks that represent nine distinct emotions, united by a classical compositional vein. Sofia participated in the drafting of the RAP part of the piece Ingabbiato. The CD is entirely written and sung in Italian. All the songs are composed and arranged by Max Marino. The duo is active on social media and is also very popular abroad.

Film fans, Max and Sofia attend several Masterclasses held by nationally renowned actors and directors such as Gianmarco Tognazzi, Pupi Avati and Giovanni Veronesi and internationally as Natalia Florenskaia, during which they sharpen their stage presence.

In 2017 Sofia is chosen as an appearance for the film "Giselle" by director Mirko Locatelli and in January 2019 participates, again as an appearance, in the RAI Fiction title "Volevo fare la rockstar", directed by Matteo Oleotto.

The duo boasts live performances in locations such as the Old Fashion of Milan, hosted on regional and national TV programs, live radio, web interviews. In 2018 the duo was a guest on the TV program MilleVoci by Gianni Turco, obtaining a resounding media feedback.

The duo's ability, particularly that of Max, consists of harmoniously mixing different musical genres, giving life to unique and unmistakable melodies.

The duo managed to spread their musical genre not only in Italy but also abroad.

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